Tara Hill Donates Food To New York. We Offer Fresh Fast Delivery Of Farm Produce

Tara Hill focuses on doing simple things well, such as growing the best heirloom tomatoes and delivering them fresh to the finest restaurants and markets. In addition to this we look to facilitate trade between different areas that our tomatoes travel and are actively looking for food producing partners whose products can strengthen a delivery route between Central New York and Downstate.

We believe that the best farms have dogs! And towards that end we have and are actively acquiring the finest breeding stock for Tibetan Mastiffs, and making all natural chicken treats for them available for sale mid-September. Genghis Kahn Emperor of All Dogs will be at the heart of our Tibetan Mastiff breeding program and the official Spokes Bear for Genghis Treats. He is an adorable teddy bear with children and fierce as the lion he looks like when need arises. Learn more about Genghis Treats Here!